Helo Products:

BioZen Pack10 

The only sticker chip which protects your body from electrosmog. With a practical pack of 10 with 2 for free.

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HELO LX Box Set Get the best for your lifestyle with HELO LX and Germanium in a practical and convenient box set. The benefit of a Box Set with HELO LX and 3 Titanium plates with Germanium on your wrist. The Box Set includes one HELO LX and 3 Titanium plates with 99.9% pure Germanium stones. 


HELO LX Family Pack The perfect pack with HELO LX for your family and your loved ones, with the opportunity to improve your business.  The HELO LX Family Pack includes 4x HELO with Box Set, 1x 5-Pack Bands Set with 5 fantastic colors, and 1x HELO LX Box Set FREE. PROMO UNTIL MARCH 2017: BUY NOW AND RECEIVE A FREE CLASSIC HELO IMMEDIATELY.